For Patients

If you need dental extensive dental treatment but are fearful of the dentist, we can help. We will work in collaboration with your dentist and provide IV (intravenous) sedation services in your dentist’s office. We will travel and bring all needed equipment to provide you safe sedation and monitoring throughout the planned dental appointment. In order for us to customize a safe sedation plan, we need to review your medical history in advance. We will have a preliminary phone meeting to discuss any issues or concerns that you may have before scheduling the sedation appointment. On the day of the appointment and prior to starting sedation or any dental treatment, we will perform a full cardiac and lungs exam and discuss any recent changes in your health. Most documents, including informed consents, pre-appointment and discharge instructions will be exchanged with you electronically.

If you are interested to explore the option of having sedation for your future dental treatments, please discuss this with your treating dentist first, then you may schedule a free sedation phone assessment using the “Schedule Now” function. Upon scheduling, you will receive a link via email to the Anesthesia Health History form. Please fill it out and have the form available to discuss telephonically at your phone assessment appointment. We will need the complete signed paper form to review again at your sedation appointment, please don’t forget to bring it with you.

Our main area of service is a 50 miles radius of Fresno, CA. However, with advanced notice and planning, we may be able to assist anywhere in California, depending on your location, additional travelling expenses may be applicable.

Professional fees: The cost of the sedation service is $700 hourly with a 3 hours minimum charge paid in advance. For longer appointments up to 6 hours long, total fee is $3,500 and for appointments up to 10 hours long, total fee is $5,000. Additional travel expenses will be charged for visiting dental offices outside of 50 miles radius of Fresno CA