For Dentists

If you have patients that require extensive surgical and restorative dental treatments but are afraid of the dentist, we would like to partner with you. Providing IV sedation to your patients in the comfort of your own dental office is beneficial both to patients and dentist performing the treatment. For patients, it allows them to relax while having dental treatment; for dentists, it allows them to perform more treatment in a fewer number of appointments. This ultimately benefits both the dental practice and the patient.

After a preliminary review of the patient’s medical history, we will customize a sedation plan that is safe for the patient and takes into account patient’s medical conditions and the length of the intended future appointment. We will bring to your dental office all the IV sets, medications and equipment needed for safe sedation and patient monitoring. We will take care of ensuring a safe sedation environment for your patient while you take care of performing the needed dental treatment.

Please send us a message using the contact form or you can schedule a free sedation phone assessment for your patient using the scheduling function