After the Appointment

Follow these specific post-operative instructions

1) You have been given a medicine that causes drowsiness. The medicine may also cause temporary clumsiness or poor balance and can cause poor judgment. You should not drive after receiving this medication until the day after the procedure. You should have a responsible adult drive you home.

2) You should not operate machinery for 24 hours

3) You should not make any important decisions for (24) twenty-four hours

4) You should avoid dangerous activities such as bicycling, swimming, working out in the gym or working at heights for the remainder of the day.

5) You may temporarily feel sick, weak, or dizzy. This is normal. Some people will vomit if they eat too soon. As soon as you feel like you can drink without vomiting, you should try water or clear juice or soup. You can progress to solid food if the fluids do not cause nausea and you are feeling well. Avoid heavy or greasy foods for the remainder of the day.

6) If pain killers have been prescribed for you, ask your treating dentist how soon it is safe to take them.

7) You should not drink any alcohol, take sleeping pills or medicines that cause drowsiness for 24 hours.

8) If you have any questions call Dr. Alex Denes at 559-332-3368

9) If you are experiencing any life-threatening emergency go directly to the Hospital emergency department