Before the Appointment

Assessement Interview

You will need to complete an initial assessment and phone consultation. When you schedule this service, you will  receive a health history form that you must download, print and return to us via email. You will then have a preliminary phone consultation with Dr. Alex Denes who will assess if you are a candidate for sedation; this is dependent on the dental treatment scheduled with your dentist and on your general health based on a review of your health history. During this interview, you will be asked more questions, please be prepared to answer to the best of your knowledge, as this is for your safety.

  • We will communicate with your treating dentist on the details of your particular treatment plan
  • We will give you and discuss specific pre-operative instructions; you must follow these instructions precisely.
  • Arranging for reliable transportation. The medication used in moderate parenteral sedation will render you unable to safely operate a car. You will need to make sure a trusted friend or family member can accompany you to and from your appointment. You will not be allowed to use any means of public transportation after your sedation appointment.
  • Based on Dr. Denes’ instructions, you will want to restrict your diet to soft, mildly flavored foods after your appointment. Buy a few items, such as ice cream or a broth-based soup, that will be easy to prepare and help you feel nourished.