Oral Sedation Medication

Safe and Effective Oral Sedation

If you’ve found your way to our website, you or someone you care for suffers from dental fear or anxiety, or has special needs that may impede a normal dental visit. In addition, you’re probably considering making an appointment with Fresno dentist Dr. Denes. You should feel good that you are taking the first steps toward optimal oral health. As an oral sedation dentist, Dr. Denes is qualified and trained to prescribe oral sedatives that will help you relax during your dental visit.

What Does Oral Sedation Feel Like?

Benzodiazepines refers to the class of oral sedation normally prescribed to sedate patients and alleviate anxiety. These medications act as central nervous system depressants, meaning they slow the patient’s breathing and heart rate to achieve a calming effect. Patients who have undergone oral sedation dentistry often report feeling “out of it,” tranquil, and unconcerned or detached from the procedure at hand. Sometimes, they even forget some or all of their time in the dental chair.

Commonly Prescribed Oral Sedatives

The most commonly prescribed Benzodiazepines in sedation dentistry include:

•       Diazepam (Valium). This medication produces a feeling of drowsiness and amnesia, and is effective about an hour after a patient takes a dose.

•       Temazepam (Restoril). Similar to Valium, this drug is effective about half an hour after a patient takes it, and stays in a patient’s system for a shorter period of time.

•       Lorazepam (Ativan). Stronger than Valium and Restoril, Ativan induces deeper sensations of drowsiness and memory loss. It’s effective about an hour after a patient takes it.

•       Midazolam (Versed). Unlike Valium, Restoril, and Ativan, which are taken as pills, Versed is taken in liquid form. About 15 minutes after ingesting the syrup, patients become very sleepy and profoundly relaxed.

•       Triazolam (Halcion). Halcion is often used as an alternative to IV sedation. Many patients who are treated with Halcion leave the dentist’s office with little or no memory of the dental procedure.

In general, Dr. Denes prescribes two doses of oral sedative to a patient undergoing a procedure. You will ingest one dose the night before, which allows  you to get a good night’s sleep and will pave the way for the deeper, cumulative effect of oral sedation. You take the second dose about an hour before your appointment so that by the time you sit down in the dentist chair, you feel profoundly at ease.

Afraid of the Dentist? We Can Change That.

Using safe, effective sedation dentistry, Fresno general dentist Dr. Alex Denes can calm even the most fearful or nervous patients, so they are able to move forward with preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. If you or someone you love is afraid of the dentist, contact our Fresno dentist office at (559) 297-1800 to schedule an appointment. Fresno Dental Studio proudly serves patients in Fresno and surrounding areas including Clovis, Madera, and Sanger.