Making an Informed Decision About Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Alex Denes and the Fresno Dental Studio team believe that oral conscious sedation offers people with dental fear, dental anxiety, sensitive gag reflex, or special needs that best solution for receiving the dental care they need. However, that belief is based on years of firsthand experience. You, as a prospective patient, must rely on our stellar patient reviews and the educational resources we offer here. Learning everything you can about oral sedation will help you make an informed decision that takes into account you or your loved one’s unique needs and apprehensions.

Your Questions are Important

While this website is intended to give our patients a comprehensive understanding of many aspects of oral conscious sedation, we understand that it is not exhaustive. If you find yourself in need of more information, we encourage you to call our office immediately and talk with one of our friendly front office staff members. They can capably answer your questions or, if necessary, refer that question to Dr. Denes.

To get you started, a few of our more frequently asked questions about oral conscious sedation include:

  • What Does Oral Sedation Cost?
  • Am I Really Asleep?

Afraid of the Dentist? We Can Change That.

Using safe, effective sedation dentistry, Fresno general dentist Dr. Alex Denes can calm even the most fearful or nervous patients, so they are able to move forward with preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. If you or someone you love is afraid of the dentist, contact our Fresno dentist office at (559) 297-1800 to schedule an appointment. Fresno Dental Studio proudly serves patients in Fresno and surrounding areas including Clovis, Madera, and Sanger.